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Paint Your Own Pottery FAQ

What is "bisque"?
Newly formed clay is called leatherware.  When the leatherware dries, it is called greenware.  When the greenware is fired in a kiln (oven) it is called bisque.  The bisque is painted and glazed and fired in a kiln for the second time and becomes a decorative ceramic piece.
Why do the paints look different than the color samples?
When the paints are fired in a kiln, a chemical reaction occurs which changes them and makes them look shiny.  It is important that you use the color samples to choose your colors and don't choose colors from their appearance right out of the bottle.
How long will it take to paint my chosen item?
We have noticed that it takes younger children about an hour or so to paint a piece.  Older kids take longer and adults doing extremely detailed pieces may even make a couple of trips to the studio to finish their masterpiece.  Much depends on the intricacy of the design.
Why can't I take my masterpiece home the same day?
After you paint your piece of bisque, the paint must dry thoroughly.  We will then dip your piece in glaze and let it dry thoroughly before placing it in the kiln.  For the kiln to fire properly and cool down, takes about 24 more hours. 
How long do I have to wait to get my masterpiece after it is painted?
Our normal turn-around time is one (1) week.  We do have an expedited  4-day service* for which there is an additional charge.  We will try to work with you if you have specific time requirements - or even ship your masterpiece to you if you are traveling and have to return  home before it is ready.
 *(availible if the kiln schedule allows)
I can't paint.  Will you do it for me?
You are working on a work of art to call your own so we encourage you to give it your best effort. We do have several tools available to help you with your own original ideas and encourage you to be creative. Ask about our stamps and stencils and we'll show you how you can paint like a master! If you have a complex project that just has to be perfect, ask about custom artwork by one of our trained artists!
Can I put my pot in the dishwasher/microwave ?
Yes but we recommend hand washing and not placing it in the microwave to extend the life of your piece. We have stoneware available which you can bake in in the oven and can be put in the microwave or dishwasher without worry.

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