Summer Art Camp 2019

Each week of Joe Picasso’s Summer Art Camp will include fun projects like canvas and pottery painting, making mosaics, sculpting with clay, paper crafting, and glass painting projects! In addition to those projects each week has a theme that will include lots of creative games and art activities designed to let your child expand their imagination and learn fun new artistic skills! Click the camp names below for more info and to register! 

Week 1: June 10-14

Clay Week - Ancient Art!

This week, we travel back in time to play in the mud with the early humans! Wheel throwing, hand building, slab rolling and more. Campers will learn about the first potters, how they made the first pots and bowls, and how they decorated their caves. This week is packed with messy, muddy, madness!

Clay hands


Week 2: June 17-21

Beach Days

This week, we head to the shore for projects inspired by the sea, sand, and sun! Campers will create sand art, paper mache sea creatures, and underwater canvases. We will learn about mixing mediums together to make our beachy artwork come alive!

Day at the beach


Week 3: June 24-29

Animal Kingdom

From the canopy of the rainforest to the cactus-filled desert, this week is inspired by the plants and animals that inhabit the world around us. Campers will create sandy terrariums, arctic igloos, and even swampy, everglades slime! It's a jungle in here!

Paulas Butterfly


Week 4: July 1-5

Going Green!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...and Create! This week is all about upcycling materials into unique pieces of art! Campers will use recycled and reclaimed materials to create sculptures, wall hangings, and canvases of mixed media. 

catchin fireflies


Week 5: July 8-12

Clay Week Part 2 - Fiction Fantasy Fun!

Jump down the rabbit hole for a date with the mad potter, where we will make tea cups on the potter's wheel. Or, become a hairy potter, as we work on mixing mediums to create fun clay textures and sculptures. This week is filled with knights and dragons, mystical creatures and creations, using clay as our primary material of magic!

wheel throwing lessons


Week 6: July 15-19

Super Heroes Week!

What's your super power? This week is all about discovering what makes each of us unique and special. Our projects are inspired by those favorite super heroes that we all know and loved; batman, the x-men, spiderman, and more! Campers will design their super suits and logos to be used on projects that remind them to look for those special super powers within! 

super hero signal


Week 7: July 23-27

Space Odyssey

Blast off for a week of fun projects from out of this world. Campers will create paper mache planets, starry star wars nights canvases, painting with magnets and more!



Week 8: July 29-August 2


This week is packed with smiles! Emojis, memes and all your favorite video games! Projects will include vintage video game mosaics, clay emojis, minecraft modge podge, and more! Bring your favorite meme to share with the group! 

20170219 180158 635x640 198x200


Week 9: Aug 5-9

Art Around the World

Travel around the globe and learn about different styles of art! We will make sugar skulls from Mexico, Origami from Japan, Dreamcatchers from the American Southwest, and mosaics with glass beads from Italy! Campers will be able to add their own personal flair to each project. 

african sunset ii

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